These Truths I hold to be self evident…

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.
Francis Bacon

Observations while traveling for work over the past year:
Ann Arbor, Michigan – while beautiful in summer, is just plain cold and snowy in January. I’m from IN,show me something different.

I travel alone for the most part. When dining out, I do sit at the bar for dinner since sitting at a table alone feels awkward. It is not for the purpose of having conversation with strangers, other than the bartender to make my order. Which leads me to…

The 60 yr old curse seems to be true for me in any city. Evidently- if you are male, single and over 60, I must have a look that means you think you are supposed to approach me when I am out for dinner. You are wrong, always. I will pay my own tab, that is what my expense account is for. Thank you, good day. I said Good DAY!

If I go shopping while traveling for work, it just means more stuff to pack up into my car at the end of the week. I should avoid this.

Coming home means unpacking, laundry and usually cleaning house. It also means long hugs and great conversation with those I love. Totally worth it.

Getting lost can be an adventure, but avoid at night, when gas tank is low and your Blackberry will not save you.


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