the 411

so to give some background, I have worked in hotels for close to 20 years (gasp, I am middle aged) and always hoped to have a traveling position one day. It happened last May, and I joined a hotel management company based in the Midwest. My assignments can vary from assisting with hiring for sales positions, training and assessing the sales efforts at different properties. I love it – the more challenges, the better. First assignment was in Columbus OH, second Plymouth MI, then Oklahoma City OK – followed up with Bloomington IN, Ann Arbor MI, Chicago IL and then Indy ( my hometown). So I went from being home a lot – to barely stopping in for the weekend. Unpack, laundry, clean house, spend time with family and pack back up. I check into a hotel weekly except for the assignments close to home, and I have the most supportive family and friends, the best boyfriend ( he reads this ) who make sure my dog and daughter are well cared for in my absence. The other blogs will not be this boring, I assure you… in decent weather, I explore the cities I visit, and dine local. So I will share suggestions. In the dead of winter, I write more and still try to dine well and explore when possible.


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