changing plans

Those who know me best, know I have a little bit of a control freak in me. Okay, maybe a lot. This comes out most, when
I have the least control in a situation. Like this week. I had a busy week planned, with two locations to be at in one week, and
recruiting, research, and market assessment being all part of the plan. My body and bronchitis had a different plan…
Monday I drove to South Bend with what I thought was a bit of a cold. Okay – I’m flexible, I will just get some over the counter
help, take vitamins and instead of exploring South Bend my first night – order pizza and stay in.
Tuesday morning was a far different story, after not breathing well and not sleeping much – I again changed my plan of working
to finding closest urgent care physician, getting on some good meds and getting back to work. Then when bronchitus and pharynitis
was the diagnosis – viral, which means no quick pill that fixes it, I change plans again. I get prescribed some cough meds, buy out
CVS cold and flu aisle, and alert my employer. Quarantine myself to my hotel room, with orders to rest, drink juice, tea and
ideally get back to work the next day. argghhh. The workaholic in me is screaming, internally of course, as I have no voice.

Wednesday was no better, as still sleep is a distant dream, and breathing is labored. I need my home, my doctor and to throw in
the towel. Feeling like a quitter, I notify my employer, pack my bags and start the 3 hour drive home. Love that my doctor’s office
can get me in that afternoon, hate that there is not better news. Breathing is essential to working and I am not doing either well.
After a breathing treatment, more prescriptions to get filled and another expensive trip to a pharmacy (this time Walgreens
profited), I head home. I organize my meds, my humidifier, my tea and Gatorade. I get on comfy clothes, resist the urge to clean
my house and get in my recliner.

I won’t lie, I have still managed to review resumes, send emails and still try to control every aspect of this. But am slowly
realizing that all the planning on my part solely relys on my body cooperating and me doing as little as possible.

New plan – Rest, take meds, and make a goal to be back on the road Monday. When the boyfriend and daughter ask how they can help –
let them. even if it is to bring me a cup of tea or run to the store. Recognize that I did not discover new places to dine, or
interesting sights to see and that is okay.

Is there a support group for workaholics?


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