You can’t go home again or can you?

You can't go home again or can you?

My work assignment this past week was in Kokomo IN, a true blast from the past, as I grew up in nearby Russiaville until I was 12. Driving thru – which did not take long – was a mix of “how things change or don’t” and “did everything shrink”. The church where my dad was pastor seemed tiny, and our parsonage next to it, even smaller. The big hill between our house and church that was great for riding bikes in summer or sledding after a big snow – more like a gentle slope. As I drove by the ball park, post office, grocery store and numerous churches – I thought how lucky we were as kids. We didn’t have much, but we had a freedom that kids now don’t have. We could ride our bikes around that town without fear, spend time with friends right after school, do odd jobs for neighbors to earn money with our weekends unscheduled except for church. No cell phones, no weekend sports tournaments – just us, our bikes, our friends.
As wonderful as technology is and all the fabulous ways of “being social” that we have – nothing compares to the freedoms we had. I don’t have anything against cell phones, facebook, twitter, etc – in fact, I use them all. But my short nostalgic drive-by reminded me that it never replaces being “in the flesh” with your friends and family. If your kids seem to be disappearing inside technology – take a stand, take the cell phones away even for a short time – and tell them to “Go Outside and Play”. Yep – pretty sure I just sounded like my mom. Who is in Hawaii. And did not take me. But that is another story…


2 thoughts on “You can’t go home again or can you?

  1. I heard you complain many times….but I do remember you having fun!
    And……..the travel channel had a special on spring break week and did one on P.C. …..showed our old stomping grounds….minus that crazy one bedroom cottage that the 11 of us slept in (how did we do that?). Young and dumb……but once again….lot’ s of fun!

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