an ode to my Blackberry

I fear our time is short, dearest Blackberry Bold. It is not peer pressure or a need to get with the times – however, my boyfriend and friends have been quite adamant that I replace you. I am torn, you see, I find your quirks endearing. Although – when you “ghost dial” someone else while I am on a revenue call or talking to my boss, I do have some choice words for you. The boyfriend is used to it – although it does prompt the “when are you getting a new phone” conversation. The newest quirk may be the one that ends us. When the battery thingy says it is full and okay – but then all the sudden you beep and die, I get mixed signals from you. Why do I love you so? Well, you give me two options – I can use your keyboard to text or use the touch screen to scroll thru Twitter or Facebook. You don’t make me choose one or the other. Tell me what new phone will do that for me. This is a relationship people – do you know how long it takes me to adjust to a new phone. I still miss my pink Motorola razor. does that give you an idea? My boyfriend will tell you – I do not adjust to relationships well. There is a one step forward and a possible Three steps back. I can dip my toes in the water, but going all in? Terrifying. So how does someone like me change my phone? It is tough, but ask my pink Motorola – when it is time, dear Blackberry – know I won’t forget you and the new phone can never really replace you… Love, your current owner who may or may not replace you soon.


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