my mom will likely say this is in “poor taste” but sometimes even crude marketing genius must be shared…

It could have been worse – someone suggested my blog be titled “Chubby’s – where boners go to die” and while I LOL’d way too loudly, I thought my title should be a disclaimer or warning for my mom. To add another disclaimer – a family friendly tv show in the 80’s had a character named Boner – so I think I am all clear.

Originally this blog was meant to tell you some great places to go eat or hang out while in or near Grand Rapids MI. That will have to wait. I dined at Chubby’s Bar and Grill tonight. Which created the following marketing slogan ideas that I chose to share with the bfriend via text, enjoy:

Chubby’s – because I don’t trust a place called Skinny’s

Chubby’s – because the name Boner’s would be too obvious

Chubby’s – don’t come here after the gym or talk about your workout. We don’t care.

Chubby’s – shouldn’t have a salad section of the menu, but oddly, they do.

Chubby’s – the anti – Hooters.

Chubby’s – our servers would kick Hooter girl ass

Chubby’s – cause Stiffy’s sounds less appetizing

Chubby’s – it’s not happy hour unless you have one

and finally,

 Chubby’s – I came and left… chubbier.

I promise (okay, more like will try really hard ) for my next blog to be in better taste.


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