Grand Rapids, MI aka Beer City

I have to admit, and my apologies in advance – I had a rather reserved excitement about my work assignment in Grandville, MI near Grand Rapids. Yes, a new location is always exciting but I wasn’t sure what to get excited about. I have been corrected. Perhaps my boss should have led with “Jill, I think we will send you to Beer City, USA next.”  But he didn’t, and understandably my goal is not to have a phenomenal time touring brewpubs. My goal is always to assist hotels with hiring, training and sales support. But, if you know me, and I feel you get closer every day – my side interests of craft beer, great food, live music, and local wine ensure that on the side – I do enjoy some perks of the job. So – should you find yourself in or near the Grand Rapids area, allow me to tell you where to go (and yes, this is mostly about food and beer):

Local Breweries or brewpubs (there are over 30 in and surrounding Grand Rapids –

Osgood Brewery in Grandville, on Chicago Drive SW – small but great menu and as always, tell them you are new and sample their finest. I discovered I can like a Porter…

Founders Brewing Co. in downtown Grand Rapids – great food, and for the first time – I enjoyed all four of the beers I tasted. Great patio area for when warmer weather finally hits and cute gift shop

Dive or local bars– 

Chicago Drive Pub  – great after work Monday type of place, cheap good food, beer perfectly cold, and the locals leave you alone.

Chubby’s – refer to an earlier blog, great burgers and endless immature thoughts

If I had the time and budget

The Brew and Renew Spa specials at the JW Marriott or Amway Grand Plaza hotels in downtown Grand Rapids. Brew pedicure, polish and massage using the best local beers.

Experience Grand Rapids has many local events coming up – has a list of the local festivals.

Yes, there is great shopping and museums and history – and perhaps I will get to that – but we can agree that I am off to a great start.




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