Time Travel

Certain songs, places or events set off memories for me so vivid that it is like traveling thru time. My current work assignment is in Bloomington, Indiana. Home of IU, Lake Monroe and Oliver Winery. Also home to a thousand memories of my grandparents house in nearby Nashville, shopping trips to College Mall with my Nana.The “fashion shows” with my sisters when we would get back from those shopping trips and showed our Pap (grandpa) what Nana got us. The screened in porch where we sat in the evenings watching traffic go by, and Pap seemed to know who was in every car. My first moments of knowing what hospitality was – before I knew the word hospitality. The way my Nana prepared our rooms, and had the windows open at night so we fell asleep in fresh air, listening to the crickets. Her cooking, and how she made sure everyone had enough to eat – and you had to tell her to sit down and eat herself. How Pap would get his tractor and the attached wagon ready to take us on a ride around their land.

This past weekend, my daughter went to her Junior Prom and I was lucky to be in town and able to help her get ready. Her godmother, who I was lucky to have as a friend in high school and still one of my closest friends today – came over to help. We talked about how to do her hair, make up, and what jewelry would work best. I had many flashback moments of my sisters getting ready for their Proms, and then of my own. I loved Prom, went to four and could talk in detail about the dresses, the dates and how big my hair was. Everyone in my high school could likely tell you about the floral “Scarlett O’Hara” nightmare of a dress I wore when I was a sophomore going to the Junior Prom. It was hideous, however, my mom would still say to this day how it was the most beautiful dress. She would know, she picked it out. It made a repeat appearance in my Senior pictures, you could say she was a bit obsessed. I could tell you how every Prom, my date likely had a mullet. The year I experimented with self tanner (not pretty) and the tanning sessions that took place the years after.

Certain songs do the same thing – the right George Strait song takes me to Brown County State Park where I went horse camping with friends over Spring Break. The right Bryan Adams song – that first big breakup with the first serious boyfriend. Snoop Dogg – well,college memories that we don’t need to go into.

Time Travel is cheap and fabulous – when you have the right memories.

By the way – thank you for saying I don’t look old enough to have a daughter going to Prom. You are truly too kind 😉 Now, where is my Geritol and Oil of Olay?


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