Mother’s Day blog, yes mom I will still get you something ;)

Been hearing a lot of Mother’s Day tributes and while I am not an overly emotionally open person – I will share the following thoughts:

I have been lucky to have several Mom – type figures in my life. I have friends who lost their mother at young ages, or recently lost their mothers and cannot even imagine the day to day heartache this must be. I still remember my mother writing her mother, and getting letters in return. I imagine every trip to the mailbox, she misses seeing her handwriting on an envelope. How she kept all the letters in a dresser drawer, and this is one hoarding behavior I won’t tease her about. I do the same, have kept letters from her and both grandmothers that I got in college. They remind me of the incredible support system I have always had, whether I appreciated it or not. I hope to pass on letters to my daughter, texting is not the same, never will be.
I have my nursery “mom” who I work with in the church nursery almost every Sunday along side my mom – who is just as concerned that I stay safe while traveling and get home often enough to get time with my daughter and rest. She is quietly supportive, and “mothers” anyone who needs it – adult or child. She is a provider type of soul who doesn’t want large or public recognition for what she does but she should.
I have some incredible (ex) Mothers in Law – and while those relationships have suffered or are gone due to divorce – I have to be grateful for the time, knowledge, love and support they have shared with me. They, like me, took a risk – inviting someone into the family and dealt with the grief when it hasn’t worked out as planned.

I hope I pass on my enthusiasm for traveling to my daughter, as I am sure I get it from my parents. My dad and mom have always traveled and while usually for church business, they placed a large importance in taking at least a once a year trip to the beach as a family. While I am jealous of them getting to do this more often now, and as a couple or with friends – it is a goal of mine to eventually have just as much fun traveling with a significant other and making it a priority. (This is in no way to pressure my current beau to schedule a trip, as we have traveled together a little and he is quite a fun traveling companion 🙂
My mom also made it a priority to visit and travel with her mom and sisters prior to her mother’s passing, and now with her sisters whenever possible. And while it may be like herding kittens to get my sisters on a trip together at the same time – I look forward to this. There may need to be a large supply of wine and the trip may be to a mental health spa but I think we could do this.

I have had a few weekend trips and Spring Breaks with my daughter and those times are like gold to me. There is a certain sense of freedom that the open road and no “list of things we have to do” gives you, it opens up your soul to make last minute decisions and see new things together. It opens up discussions of future dreams, current challenges and sometimes even – wonderful acknowledgements of appreciation for one another.

I look at friends who have recently or are about to become mothers and I can’t tell them how to be great at it. I can only tell them of the examples I have had and the learning experience it is for me. It is one long fabulous trip that doesn’t end.


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