May in Indy -Vroom Vroom

So I am still on a work assignment in Bloomington IN, so not much travel unless you consider my daily commute (which I do). This past Memorial Day weekend – I did work a little at the hotel, not as much as the housekeepers do but who does that much work? They do – it’s easy to be critical of a hotel room until you realize that sometimes the person who cleaned your room had 18 rooms to clean before yours. That’s not just 18 beds to strip, and re-make with fresh sheets  – after all some rooms have two beds. 18 bathrooms to clean, 18 rooms to vacuum, trashcans to empty, toilets to scrub. I have to admit, no matter what hotel I am traveling to – I always wonder how do they stay motivated? So I asked – and while tips are always appreciated, a nice note or thank you is crucial. An acknowledgement of the work done, and maybe some patience when your room was not clean at the exact moment you wanted it. So – while I appreciate the contributions of our military – living and deceased on Memorial day and every day, I was most motivated by the housekeeping staff at hotels. They don’t often have holidays off with their families, as there are no Closed days at a hotel.

Don’t feel too bad for me, I did manage some fun time at the track. The TRACK – you know, Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I was able to have time with friends, bfriend and a couple thousand more people for Carb Day and Race Day. Haven’t gone? You must – it should be a mandatory bucket list item. The roar of the engines, the excitement of the crowd, the sun and the inevitable sunburn (don’t worry Mom, I totally re-applied Sunblock all day ). Did I mention the food? How could I forget the massive smoked turkey leg that was $10 but worth it – if only for the great picture opportunity. This year was the best, we had a great quick ride to the track, assigned parking and easy access to our seats and even better – quick way out of the track. But even if we didn’t have that – there was a beautiful day, a great race, wonderful company and a new champion. Vroom Vroom Race Fans.

Maybe next year we will return to the large family Memorial Day cookouts at Nana’s in Brown County, but I was glad this year to be reminded of those in the hospitality industry who still had a full board of rooms to clean and clean them, they did.



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