Turning a corner, turning 40 and the Rolling Stones

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find
You get what you need

I did not write the above, but it is as if the Rolling Stones sing this like a prayer to me sometimes. While they are ancient, words they sung a long time ago and still do – are relevant. They have great meaning especially now, as we find violence increasing all over – and I think a lot of it is from a society of “If  I don’t have what I want right now, I will just take it from someone else”. Whether it is material possessions, revenge or commitment from someone or something – we, as a society, find ways to get what we want. I apologize in advance for this serious nature – but I am still assigned to the Bloomington area with no new travel location to ponder… yet

Since I am turning 40 (gasp) this week, and obviously will become more mature and patient, I will share my observations. (no laughing please, I really do hope this happens). Seriously? It is so rude to laugh at something this much, at least wait until the end of the blog, leave the room and then have your moment.

Done? okay.

I am likely lactose intolerant – and in my efforts to age and learn gracefully – I bought lactaid milk this week to put in my coffee. and my cereal. Will I likely still get a milkshake from time to time, knowing that a long relationship with the bathroom follows? Yes, but I am making baby steps towards a more mature self.

I will attempt to stop hugging and starting a long conversation with any male who “cards” me upon entering a over 21 establishment, and then says something complimentary once they notice my birthdate. I often imagine Hugh Grant saying “well done you” when this happens. My more mature self will obviously stop doing this eventually.

I will attempt to stop using the words “hottie”, “dude” and “yummy”. It makes my daughter and friends laugh awkwardly and does nothing for my image. I am keeping the “How u doin” in my best Joey voice from Friends because I like it, it makes me giggle and I can’t always be mature.

I will attempt and Lord – willing be able to date and not think I can control the other person’s right to communicate with others who happen to be of the female nature. I am a natural flirt and by that I mean I am friendly at times with no intention of anything further – so I am not sure why I assume other people are not the same way. But I don’t – I always assume there is an intention of wrong doing or thinking of it. This falls right in line with my control freak nature – great for business, bad for personal life. Have I been right about this at times? Yes – but I hope one day I either become less paranoid or meet someone who can meet these lofty unattainable ideas I have about fairytales and things that simply do not exist. Good and bad news about dating? Either person can walk away when it no longer is fun or gets too complicated. Seems harsh but it is true. There always seems to be a shift where one persons wants more than the other, and just like in business  – you negotiate or part ways. The heart wants what it wants but has to learn to get what it needs.

I will also attempt to spend less, save more and blah blah blah.

I will attempt to go to the doctor for well visits, and actually do the follow up lab tests that they order.

I am starting to not like the new me, she does not sound like fun, 40 and fabulous. I may need to revise this.

Consider yourself warned – this new older more mature me – does not want any birthday packages with Geritol, Oil of Olay or a T-shirt with “Old Fart” or “Over the Hill” on it. I will accept fierce looking cowboy boots size 8, wine, and questions or comments like “have you lost weight?”, “you must be doing something right” or even the catty “are you and _____ really the same age? You look so much younger!” I may be maturing but my ego is not…



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