still Awkward at 40….

sooo you know that awkward moment where you just want to see how social media handles you changing your own status, but still don’t necessary want it out there? like really out there?

Please ignore last blog about me becoming a more mature woman after turning 40, it hasn’t happened yet and may not ever. Getting on Facebook after 8pm while the boyfriend is watching baseball should be on my list of “what not to do”. So we are adults, right? Dating adults who shouldn’t really care about what our status says about us. I mean, isn’t it enough after 2 divorces that I can say I am “in a relationship” without the need to actually say who it is with. But we post pictures with each other, comment on each other’s cooking or work days and I was curious – if I did attach a name to the “in a relationship” status, would Facebook believe me. Apparently not – as I discovered it was listed as pending until it asked the boyfriend to confirm. How dare FB question who I say I am in a relationship with? I mean, it is not as if I listed Justin Timberlake, Prince or Hugh Grant. I have pictures with the boyfriend, I mean – what kind of a world is this? A man’s world…


argghh. So awkward – even worse that he would post the fact that I put it out there first. Like I said – ignore last post. I am still 12 years old…


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