How to get felt up at the airport.

Sorry mom, this won’t be as bad as title implys. But as my daughter would say – “the struggle is real.” I have special anxiety and possible ocd issues reserved especially for trips involving planes. Which is a huge improvement over not flying at all. I have gotten better over the years and in my more mature mode of thinking – I can fly without the use of sedatives or hand holding.  But I do need various comfort devices – such as cleaning wipes, nasal spray, candy,  a good distracting book and headphones.  This is because inevitably I will wear a shirt with sparkles and therefore get the title inspiring search.  In Indy- they are very hospitable about it and I totally kept my “at least buy me dinner first” comment to myself.  Because I’m mature like that.  I did need more comfort though and my stopover in Chicago required a stop at Garrett Popcorn shop. As they tucked napkins and wet wipes (God bless them) into my bag, I could not agree more with the phrase on the napkin. Love is messy.  Well said Garrett.


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