From the traffic of Chicago to the Malls of Minneapolis

New assignment and then some. Last week I told you about getting groped at the airport on my way to Minneapolis for the week. My task was to assess how the hotel can get higher guest service scores and to provide evening management support while two of the assistant managers were away for training. I was a little disappointed to have so little free time and no car to explore the area. Be careful what you wish for…
This week I have a few days in Chicago to provide GM support while the GM has some off time. Then guess what? Back to Minneapolis where I will provide GM support until Aug. 1st, giving me plenty of time to explore…
I will be happy to provide a full report on Mall of America and surrounding local places to hang out and dine in a week or two. But this week, I realized that I had not started to blog about my travels until after my last trip to Chicago which means I never told you where to eat in Chi-town.
I know, I am a horrible person but to be fair – you didn’t ask. My location is at the Homewood Suites which is great location right on Grand Ave which means you can walk in any direction from the hotel and find fabulous places to dine and shop. Last fall, I visited Sable, American Junkie, Bub City, Public House, Hubbard Inn, Merlo on Maple, Carsons and Kerryman Pub. All were outstanding and I suggest you go. Now.

What are you waiting for?

Travel, eat local and shop at the new Eataly location there now. It is a feast for the senses, and would make anyone think, “IF I buy stuff here, I may actually be like a chef”. You won’t but it is fun to look at everything there is to offer.

When you visit a new city – walk, don’t ask for a map or dinner recommendations from the hotel (unless I am there ). Walk by restaurants, does it smell good? Do people seem to be enjoying the food? Are people happy? Use your instinct to choose and try something new. If it’s really good, tell me about it. I will listen, I swear.


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