4 days and no call from Prince?

I am pretty sure I have been in Minneapolis long enough to have some acknowledgement from Prince. I have only been his biggest fan since… well… let’s say for 30 years and not discuss ages. He still looks amazing and ageless, and me, road weary. I won’t obsess, but for those that know him – he has until Aug. 1st to invite me for dinner.

So – it may be time for a vacation. Yes, I travel every week – but I don’t have my daughter or boyfriend with me, and there is no beach with little umbrella drinks – so therefore that is not a vacation. I am even starting to (gasp) lose my appetite a little. Can you imagine? Who will tell you where to eat when traveling? Okay – there is a little website called Yelp but you probably don’t even know most of those people.

There has been some moments of culinary enjoyment – in Chicago I was able to dine with a former colleague who suggested we do the happy hour at Mercadito. Not sure if it was just having someone to have dinner with or the drinks with names like Mexican kitten and Double Daisy but it was great catching up over queso fundido and tiny tacos.
My first night back in Minneapolis, I was way too tired to get back in my car after 7 hours or more driving from Chicago – so I was glad for the shuttle to Mall of America. I pretended to be on the beach while I had a Bahama Burger and Dirty Banana drink at Kokomo’s Island CafĂ© and Beach Bar.
Friday night I was a little in need of therapy. I missed my daughter, and our usual Friday night usually means the boyfriend and I have beer and wings at a local pub while she works. Then after she is off, we hang out at the house and hear about her night. A friend or two usually joins her, and it is just nice to be relaxing with everyone. Naturally I am missing that. I took off in the car hoping to find a place that I could at least have a beer, dinner and try to not miss them so much. I found near 49th and Chicago Ave – The Town Hall Tap. There was one tiny seat left at the bar, and the hospitality was there. I had a great Parkway Java Porter, beer cheese soup, and pulled pork sliders. It doesn’t fix being so far from home, but it was comforting.

Saturday was not so good. bus trip to Mystic Lake Casino and an evening trip to Wal-Mart did not help my homesickness. Made a mental note to never combine the two again.

Today – Sunday – day of rest. Not so much, I worked a bit but knew I should get out. Maybe a walk around 49th and Chicago Ave area as the weather was perfect. They had the street closed for a bike race but I was able to park and walk to the area. Had lunch at Turtle Bread Company (my mom would love this place) and followed it with fresh Peach Ice Cream at the Pumphouse Creamery. I walked around the booths, spectators and local businesses and almost felt at home like I was walking around Broad Ripple on a Sunday afternoon.
It would have been nice to hold Bill’s hand, walk the dogs, and see Jourdan walking ahead with one of her friends but I will just have to really appreciate that the next time it happens…


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