11:11pm make a wish

Do you catch yourself making the same wish when this happens? I do – but I am as afraid as I am hopeful if it ever comes true. I see pictures of what I think the future looks like – but if anything in my past has taught me – I have no clue. And that’s okay (well, it’s not – but it sounds less crazy to say that) because what will happen is supposed to. I just hope that everything I work so hard for happens.  

So I survived 3 straight weeks in Minneapolis and driving the 10 hours home on Friday was not as bad as I thought. I was so ready to be home that I thought it would take forever but it didn’t, and I was a tornado when I got home. The mail needed opened, bills needed paid, the kitchen needed cleaned and re-stocked, and I needed to relax. It all got done, and I got even got some mani pedi and shopping time with my daughter. My last work assignment did not go as planned and while I am disappointed in that, I know I wasn’t at my best. At a certain point, just surviving until I got home was the only thing I could think straight about. When you are on the road, you tend to be protective of yourself – not letting people in and there is not someone who really knows you. So after 3 weeks, it felt a little weird hugging people again.

Yes , I dined at more fabulous places in and near Minneapolis – but I feel like I have a constant “Wish You Were Here” sign above my head. Mall of America was overwhelming, but I would have love to explore it with my daughter. RibFest at Mystic Lake Casino was epic, but critiquing BBQ without Bill – well just wasn’t the same. Dining at FireLake Grill House at the Radisson Blu at Mall of America, or at The Good Earth or Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse in Edina should have been with my fellow foodie and friends Jokima and Deana.

But that was Minneapolis and I must move on – after all – I am in Columbus OH now. Come on, keep up 😉


2 thoughts on “11:11pm make a wish

  1. And here I sit…..5:00 a.m. with a mini chocolate donut in my hand thinking about eating it…reading your blog…I am in d.c…..keeping watch over 2 teenage boys while J & B jetset….I think I am the lucky one! Alas…..Minneapolis probably has more dining dreams than Columbus, but washinton, d.c. I am sure has them both beat!…..it’s just that the boys just want pasta or peanut butter sandwiches!

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