Minn eeee sotaaaa

ahhh change. Yep – I said it.

I traded in my beloved Blackberry for a Samsung Galaxy, and did not require therapy 

Trading in my Indiana and Chicago assignments for Minnesota next week, even booked a flight and am not going to the doctor for happy pills to get me thru getting on the plane.

Yes, it’s totally appropriate to schedule a parade in my honor. Those are two big things. I can adjust, grow, mature and evolve. Who knew?

A close friend and writing partner is moving for a great job opportunity, and I am not planning some crazy scheme to get her back. Well, not yet. There is still time. I am proud and a little jealous of this brave step she is taking, and so I will be supportive. But she takes my sanity with her…

I went line dancing again and should do that more. Either that or work out – and we all know that unless they put a bar, play country music and let me wear cowboy boots on the treadmill in a gym, I have no desire to go.

Things I know about Minnesota – Prince is from there, and I will be dangerously close to Mall of America. That’s pretty much it. I have much to learn. This could be fun. Should someone warn the fine people of Minnesota? Probably.

I believe the boyfriend has perfected fall off the bone ribs in the smoker. I changed his picture on my phone to the picture I took of the ribs. I think there is a phrase about the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach, I have one better… The way to this woman’s heart may be ribs. I think I even said something like – he should use that picture for Match.com if he ever dumps me. But I think I may have followed that with “don’t ever make another woman these ribs”. Or maybe I kept that inside for once.

My assignment in Bloomington IN ended this past week, I “onboarded” two new General Managers for my company which is just a fancy way of saying I did training and orientation with them. I learned some things in the process, which is always a win. My job continues to challenge me in all the right ways. I am, at my very core, a “fixer”. Don’t bring me a problem unless you want me to fix it. I am realizing that my aggressive nature and desire to jump in, take over, and wrap up a problem into a neat little package only benefits my ego. If I take a step back, observe and give others the space to grow – while giving support and feedback – I don’t “just fix it”, I facilitate growth in others. I tend to act fast, and ask questions later – great in some situations but doesn’t give much room to operate in teamwork mode.







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