Travel Tips

My disclaimer for this blog is that I am so overdue for a vacation. But it is scheduled and I will regain my sanity. This post is probably how a lot of people who work in Hospitality feel at times. And I promise,  to also look at the other side. Here we go…
Being obnoxious and asking me why I don’t have the power to get you a better rate – amazingly won’t get me to give you a better rate.
Tip well, and be gracious when your server is very busy, they will be grateful and you will get the best service once they slow down. You may also get to sample the best wines, desserts,  and so on.
Recognize that Hospitality workers are human. They have families,  goals and maybe extraordinary circumstances to overcome just to get to work and be of service to you.
If you choose to smoke in a non – smoking hotel room, you are also choosing to pay the fine.
Trashing a hotel room may sound fun at first, but imagine if your family member were having to clean it up. These housekeepers have enough to do without the “extras” that are left behind.
Debit cards, well, are not the best way to pay for rooms. If any corrections need to be made, the banks those cards are thru -can take 5, 7 or even up to 10 days to process any refunds to the account. Hotels can process the corrections on there end but the bank is the one who controls when the money goes back to the account.
Okay – now I will flip over to the guest side:
I travel. A lot. I usually explore each city pretty thoroughly.  And I can get a little grumpy, restless and missing home. Suggest your favorite places for me to shop, dine and visit. If I ask – give me clear directions as “just up the road” can get me lost. Notice that maybe I am not having a good day and ask – how can we help? A visitor can feel very vulnerable in a new city and this is where true Hospitality steps in.
In Chicago now, and have discovered new eats- here is your next go to list for Chi-town:
Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap, great beer ( try the House Shandy) and the Sloppy Pig Sandwich.
Cantina Laredo – Blood Orange Sangria is amazing. Fabulous chips and salsa.
Coco Pazzo Cafe – the bread, oil and balsamic vinegar Is a good start. Felt truly welcomed and cared for. Beautiful art on walls as well.
Howells and Hood- great beers on tap and perfect place to watch the game.
That’s all for now but I will be in the windy city for a few more weeks and will hopefully keep discovering new places. Dine well my friends


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