the road has a curve

I think those of us in hospitality are for the most part, a passionate group of people. After all – who serves other people the way we do, in all weather and all moods – and often putting others needs ahead of our own. Okay – there are other professions that do that – so anyone in the clergy or medical fields who work all hours – forgive me.

I am on the verge of vacation time, and it is usually then – that there is a last ditch effort to have me lose my sanity. I think I put a lot of myself into my career and sometimes am disappointed by the decisions of others. (insert some control freak comment here). Something that makes me wonder if my path to a goal may encounter a detour, and maybe just maybe – I will be pleasantly surprised. Now – before I come to that realization – I may use words like bonehead, douchebag, ass munch, ass hat or (gasp) worse. But then I calm down and think – there is something even better possible.

So if you saw me stomping around downtown Chicago like I was wanting to stomp someone’s head into the ground, that is likely how I started. Then – my unknown colleagues in the service industry changed my mood. The amazing beautiful lady at Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland who upon hearing the desperation in my voice, allowed me in 30 minutes past closing, to purchase chocolates for a friend back home. Then the fine folks at Garrett’s Popcorn also allowed me in at closing time to purchase the much needed Chicago mix for a family member – and then did not charge me and told me to have a great night. I began my long walk back with a little smile on my face and less grumpy pace. It even began to rain a bit, and that just made me stop in at Blue Frog’s Local 22. There I was welcomed warmly, suggested a great new local beer and exceptional service while having some wings. It was still drizzling rain outside when I finished, but I headed back to my last night in my Chicago hotel room (for now) with a different perspective. It is not the title after your name on your nametag or how many people you supervise, the most important people are the ones who serve others – day in , day out – and just try to make their day a little better.

Lesson learned.


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