Vacation or the future?

Finally – I started in my car last Monday with two traveling companions and heading south. Usually on Mondays I am driving to Chicago or Columbus or some Midwestern city for work. But not this day – this day I was in jeans, had the trunk of my car filled with casual clothes and cowboy boots. I was the “responsible” adult taking my 17 yr old daughter and my 18 yr old niece to Nashville TN. It was the start of their Fall Break and the start of some much needed vacation for me. I planned nothing but good food, cold beer and live music in the finest honky tonks of Downtown Nashville. And the country music started in the car, and may be the reason the two girls slept a lot of the way there, lol.
As I have likely stated before, my talents do not include singing on key in any way shape or form.

My niece had never been to Nashville before and never on a road trip with me – at least not like this. We did not disappoint her and neither did Nashville. We checked into the hotel, unpacked, chilled out and then took the 5 minute shuttle to downtown. We walked down Broadway Street and I knew the Wild Horse Saloon would be a good choice as it is all ages and had a good menu. And usually live music or line dancing lessons. Now, I am pretty good at ordering but have to give my daughter credit on this trip – she made the best order of the whole trip. Yes folks, I am about to tell you that the Fried Chicken at the Wild Horse Saloon is life changing. The live music on stage was very good, and cute. But the chicken was what we discussed most, making comments like it was “crack” chicken. Addictive. My niece decided then that she was not going back to Indiana, as this chicken and downtown Nashville was not in Indiana. I couldn’t argue with her.

My first trip here was life – changing. I felt at home and could see myself having a life there. But real life means a house back in Indiana, a daughter on the edge of graduating high school and choosing a college. And I actually have a romantic life that I quite enjoy here. Those things are also life changing, and Nashville can wait. And I can visit.

Back to our trip – we shopped at Opry Mills, honky tonked (Tequila Cowboy, Wild Horse, Honky Tonk Central) Downtown, went on a Ghost Tour and ate well (go to Jack’s BBQ). We walked the Vanderbilt campus, met a few up and coming country singers and ate pizza in our hotel room.

And while I had warned them that they wouldn’t want to leave, it was me that had a pretty deep depression starting when we left Nashville. I usually do and it takes awhile for me to shake it. Does it mean it is a future home for me or just my escape when life gets rough? Who knows? But I am glad it is there. And maybe it will wait for me as long as I need it to.

So – should you go? Yes! And buy boots, and sing badly into a beer bottle at a honky tonk, eat great BBQ and buy touristy souvenirs. Go to the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum and take the walking Ghost Tour (ask for Joann) and relax. You might find yourself “at home” there too.

Giddy up.


One thought on “Vacation or the future?

  1. Indiana probably needs you and Nashville probably loves to have you there to visit…..Indiana loves your folks and the beach really loves your folks!……..but Indiana really , really , calls them home! But you will always go back to Nashville just as they will always go back to the beach. Love on both sides!

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