Chi-town has many faces

I’ve been downtown Chicago right on Grand Ave, I’ve been in the Loop exploring the south side and now in … Oakbrook Terrace? So it’s a little too clean, corporate and classy for my usual exploring tastes but I decided to keep an open mind. After all – not every restaurant or pub here is a chain. But a lot are, and my hotel has two malls within a mile of it – Oakbrook Mall and Yorktown. By now I should have 6 weeks worth of restaurant and pub recommendations for you, but alas, dear readers I may have let you down. See, it got a bit chilly up here, some wind, some rain and today – yes, snow. I do tend to hibernate a little more once that happens. Tonight was no different – I made it here after 3 and a half hours of driving thru cold, foggy rain and got to work. Realizing I left my suitcase in my car, 8 hours later I went to retrieve it. My ice and snow covered car barely let me get my luggage and the wind almost took it away. Yeah, I’m gonna order in tonight. But I have gone out a few places and here is where you should go when visiting the Oakbrook suburb of Chicago:

The Clubhouse at the Oakbrook Mall – classy, great happy hour specials.

Portillo’s – total comfort, beef and cheese croissant, onion rings and Miller Lite.

Anyway’s – great place for beer and wings with co-workers

Harry Caray’s – amazing burgers, with candied bacon as an option. Like I would deny myself this…

Christoper’s Speakeasy – a true local dive, cheap cold beer, and amazing burgers

Devon Seafood and Steak – going back for the lobster special at some point but my expense account is more like lobster bisque than lobster tail. lol

Beer House Chicago-  this place is all about the beer. $2 taster portions ensure you can try anything that sounds good. They hand you a book of options, yep, there is that many beers on tap. Not really a food menu except for the places they allow to deliver to you.

Miller’s Lombard Ale House – great after work place.

I know my list should be bigger by now, but there are some amazing delivery options here, and I may be here long enough to try them all. When cold weather hits, I am all about being closer to home and that definitely makes this job a little harder at times. But I am still in learning mode, and a year and a half in – am holding on to my sanity pretty well.

But if any of you know Oakbrook and I have not gone to a favorite place of yours – please share. Happy Thanksgiving, here’s hoping you are with people you love, sharing time, stories and amazing food 🙂


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