here’s your sign

so I am still in Oakbrook Terrace of the Chicago Oakbrook Terraces… and perhaps starting to get a little crazy. In honor of all business travelers who may be on the road too much, here are signs that well, you may be on the road too much:

1. You used to run to the nearest store once you unpacked to buy whatever it is that you forgot… now you figure, if it was so important – I would have packed it. hello, hairy legs.

2. You know longer care who has the best happy hour specials near your hotel – now, whoever delivers pizza and beer is your best friend. I may have creeped out my delivery person last night. It may have been to soon to ask if they were on Facebook.

3. You stay in to finish accounting work instead of going to a company event where you know people will drink too much and there will be great gossip. true story. ( a cry for help)

4. You wonder what your dogs are doing at home and if they think about you. pathetic. They are still – looking for things to chew up, sniffing butts, licking themselves and taking more naps than anyone has a right to.

5. You offer to sign up your boyfriend for – and then realize they are too good for you once you list their attributes. Sigh.

6. You realize if you listed yourself on – the description would be hairy, grumpy and thirsty.

7. You are really friendly to toll booth workers, after all – you see them more than your family. Yeah, I creep them out too.

8. You think about getting a cat, just to have someone hairier than you to cuddle with and talk to at night. JUST KIDDING – sorry cat people but cats are evil and always plotting against us. You’ll see….

9. You start to have paranoid thoughts… about cats….


One thought on “here’s your sign

  1. If you’re going to sign me up for something at least make it so I have hope of still babysitting on Sundays 🙂 Love you babe, tomorrow is Friday

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