New assignment, new attitude?

I hope so. I feel like my thoughts have been on auto repeat- must get home, must sleep, must relax. The stress of being away combined with making sure I am ready for Christmas once I get home was heavy. But I made it home, I rested, I watched TV with my daughter and didn’t make a list of everything I’m supposed to do while home. I had Christmas with my family,  ate too much, laughed too loud and it was good.
And today, the boyfriend gets home from his family Christmas and I predict that will make me pretty happy. Okay, ridiculously joyful. There is only so much Trivia Crack and wishful conversation we can have. Being in the same room will be a gift all on its own.
Since I am back home (for a bit) I will share a new dining experience you should have when in Indy. Georgia Reese’s Southern Kitchen will feed your tummy and your soul. The hurry up mode of Chicago left me when I walked in. I meant to only buy a gift certificate but the menu and hospitality whispered “Stay, relax- let us take care of you.” And who was I to refuse. I am hearing that there is a second one planned for downtown and agree-
I don’t normally love chains but this kind of hospitality should be multiplied. Until then, go to northwest side of Indy- near 86th and Michigan – and take in the southern smells of excellent home style cooking and service that asks “where are you from,  and how can we take care of you”? The orange Coca Cola rib tips should be a start for you.
Next assignment is on the horizon – after a few more days in Oakbrook.  Des Moines, Iowa- not sure what I will do with you but that appears to be the next challenge.  I am curious as I never would go there on my own- but am open to any surprises Iowa would bring. I know – the excitement is killing you 😉


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