Checks and balances

Every new work assignment I realize that each day is a study in checks and balances.  When one department is off balance in a hotel – it can affect the others in a big way. It can be due to people not showing up for shifts, a new supervisor trying to adjust or just conflicts between co-workers. Often as the outsider at the hotel and a temporary management leader, I have the most opportunity to make the most impact. I can point out areas of improvement usually without someone getting too offended, while someone they work with every day feels too close or too connected to that person to say the same thing. I always wonder – if you care so much about someone,  don’t you want them to do their best at their job? My best managers were the ones who always had my back and supported me but never let me get “too comfortable”. They knew when to push me and to challenge my thinking when it got too close-minded. I remember those moments when I coach someone to do more and get more out of their job. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t take the time to observe them and question what outcome they hoped to achieve.
Personal life is same way. Amazing boyfriend and I often discuss how when several good things happen, we wonder when the bad stuff will. It’s not like we keep a score card of everything to make sure it is all in balance but if we had time or could figure out where to start- we would.
I don’t balance my personal needs well, as I dealt with a head cold and a tooth that needs a root canal the past two weeks in Iowa. My need to see a doctor and dentist was not so I would feel better and take care of my health,  it was so they could “fix this” “prescribe that” and get me back to my job. A traveling hotel manager cannot just call their doctor or dentist, and make it home for an appointment.  And scheduling appointments for the future? Well – who knows what city I will be in then?
And that is when I need a check and balance.  I need someone to slap my forehead and say “you idiot, make an appointment- take care of you. Make someone else adjust”.
So Iowa did have a few bright spots and of course when I could eat, I did and well. The one redeeming quality I found was Jethro’s Bbq Bacon Bacon.  Now there were other Jethro’s – they focused on other foods like pork chops and the name would be according to the focused menu item. I never got passed the bacon bacon one. Have you met me? Not shocking. So over the course of two weeks, I sampled the rib taster ( ribs wrapped in bacon) (twice), the French toast with bacon butter, apple topping with bacon crumbles and yes, bacon ice cream. Did I balance this out with salad the rest of the time? No mom, I didn’t.  But how often do you find a place like this? So I did what the Iowans do – I ate. And enjoyed. Well done you, Iowa and Jethro’s. 
Lucky for my heart and my ass, I am now in Columbus OH again. And while there are great places to eat, my arteries are safe from Jethro’s. Balance is restored.


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