Back to the start

Ahhh, memories.  Columbus OH. Location of my first task force assignment back in May 2013. Same hotel, different goal. Onboarding a new GM to our company.  Saw a few new faces and some fabulous familiar ones.
Re – visited Easton Town Center,  with all the great shopping and dining. And Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.  One place that makes me blatantly ignore my lactose intolerance.  Once you go, you know why.
It also lends me to wonder – have I grown since my first time here? And I don’t mean my clothing size, my smart ass friends who think all I do is eat…
Good news, I have. I don’t just run over people with my snap judgements.  I still make them, don’t get me wrong.  But I ask questions now. I ask people what they think,  then I ask why not do that? Why wait for me to approve? Hospitality is not a perfect science, it is an ever changing animal. One that can curl up on your lap and be happy with what you  offer.  Or it can bite your hand if you are not prepared.  How do you prepare? You study people,  how they travel, arrive, leave and what happens between.  Kinda sounds like stalking,  right?  Relax, reluctant creepers in training.
My colleague in writing,  found a new term this week – the bleisure traveler. Merge business and leisure travel.  Boy- wish I termed that… I am that. I travel for work but add some leisure time when I can. Why? To pass the time, to avoid burnout,  to keep my sanity
I love my hotel peeps that suggest great places for me to go after work. Business travelers are a vital source of Hotel revenue.  Take care of them, you help the economy and them enjoy your city. If you make decisions for the good of your guests, employees and hotel -then you won’t often go wrong.  If you still go wrong, then it was time for a new lesson. Appreciate it.


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