New adventures in Hospitality

Change is inevitable.  I find I am much better at dealing with said changes when I am making them. Yep, still a control freak.  Shocking, I know.
After traveling for almost 2 years as a task force manager,  there were many factors telling me to take advantage of jobs that would have me closer to home. In no particular order – my daughter going away to college in the fall and having spring and summer home means more time with her. Also my health – being on the road so much means it is hard to have regular checkups with doctor,  dentist and let’s face it – your own bed. That’s not good, and a stubborn root canal drove that home.
And I actually still have a boyfriend who has been extremely patient and helpful the last two years – and is still wanting to see more of me. He had recent changes to his family dynamic that has him as full time mom and dad to his 3 kids. I am eager to be home enough to help any way I can.
Funny how your people at home can make the most career driven person rethink what success really is.
I am still pursuing growth in Hospitality,  just closer to home as a regional field sales representative for a extended stay brand with my territory being back home in Indiana with a little attention to Columbus OH possibly.  It’s a great opportunity to assist multiple properties but be closer to home.
I have enjoyed the travel and people I worked with as a task force manager but it is time for a new chapter.  Yeah- stay tuned. The blog continues. ..


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