The perils of the home office

My new mission in the hotel world is to be the RDFS for Indianapolis, South Bend, Ft. Wayne and Columbus  Ohio. Okay- I hate acronyms too. I am in training for Regional Director of Field Sales for a brand that specializes  in guests who need long term stays or more apartment style living with full kitchens. So while  I will be  close to home a lot more – my thirst for travel will be quenched often enough.
Last week was training  in the field with a few days in Columbus Ohio, yep been there. But did find a few new to me areas, it looks like it could  be my second home -very similar to indy.
This week  is at home to do a lot of online training and a one day trip to Cincinnati for a meeting.  Which brings me to compare the home office experience to the office experience.  My co-workers at home are the canine duo of Sophia the Rhodesian Ridge back and Tucker the Coonhound from Tennessee.


They are very happy as they think my main job is to let them outside every 5 minutes.  And Tucker is easily the gassy co-worker who will crop dust you, then walk away like it wasn’t him. Today there was noise with it. Tucker, consider yourself busted.
Sophia could also be at fault but look at her. She’s so pretty ( for you, Bill ). Lol.


Okay- yes, I should go be with humans very soon. These dogs are a bad influence as they are lazy,smelly, and don’t do much except nap and eat. I’m  sure you have had similar co-worker experience -hopefully at home and not so much in an office  with people.
Lunch should be interesting, today I am not sharing.


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