Just when I think I’m country

So just when you think you might be “too country”.. 
My new company thought a trip to Boston might be a good finish to my training.  They also invited Stephanie from Kentucky. Abort mission!!!!
But it was a good thing,  as she was more “country ” than me, has a pretty good grip on what good bourbon is, and may have better  cowboy  boots than I do.
I said may, as she only brought one pair and how can you judge on one pair of boots. We share a large region as Regional Director of Field Sales where we work with the District Managers and General Managers to support and increase revenues for our properties. I have always been somewhat of a independent sales personality (no, really? ) but I can and have worked with a team approach. The brand we work for is definitely a team minded group and several opinions may factor into a business decision for a property. My challenge will be to adjust to this approach.  When you have worked as a Task force manager, you get very used to making decisions quickly and independently.
Can I do this? Yes. Did I hesitate? Yes. But this position will grow my knowledge and patience – and have me at home more often. Big Win personally.
And this past week in Boston, I met some incredible colleagues who are different from me but we have the important things in common. A love for Hospitality, a passion for our career growth and most importantly – we know how to enjoy great food and wine. And for Stephanie, bourbon.



Stay tuned, this could be fun.


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