Distraction begins at home

My goal in blogging was to unlock some writers block I was experiencing as well as record my travels on the job. A few years ago, I co-authored a Hospitality guide called The RevPAR Formula and we ( writing partner and I)self published it. We had some great book signings, got rave reviews (some even that were not from friends and family ) and continued to write. This time, we wanted to try a novel that personalizes the first year of a General Manager after Hospitality school. And we are still working on it. I blame myself for writers block as we are not short on experiences, in fact we should be in therapy for some of them.
But having a job with less travel does mean that my focus is again on my home life. Which was the goal. Anyone who travels for work knows that your people at home get less attention.
So now what was my excuse again? Ahhh, yes. Distraction.
While getting ready for work today, I was listening to The Today Show where Matt Laur was interviewing J.K. Rowling. She talked about how she still thinks of Harry Potter and has dreams from time to time. She also talked about how having failures is necessary. I hope so, as I have some (okay, maybe more) to draw from.
So what stops me? Me. When I have thoughts about Jackson  (main character in next book), I should stop everything and write it down. I should dream of him and what happens next. When I get down on myself about current or past failures ( biggest distractions ), I should make those Jackson ‘ s as I have no room for the past. They can become his reality and my learning experience. Wow. That got deep, but one of the dog’s just farted in my home office and deep thought time has ended. They are not fans of my writing…yet.


One thought on “Distraction begins at home

  1. Hilarious! I can certainly relate. I remember those days when I would be in the home office and my young nephews would come over. Talk about distractions! I got nothing done. Hang in there! We’ll get that second book completed.

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