Overwhelmed and lucky to be

So, who thought life would be easier when I traveled less for work?  Yes, my own hand was up. And I might have been wrong.
Besides starting a new job, I have started preparing for the end of high school for my daughter. This weekend that meant the last Prom. And for those of you that say “So?


This is the point where it hit me that she is beautiful, smart, and kind – but none of that means she is guaranteed happiness, safety and success.
None of us are.
But she had a great Senior Prom, came home safe. And now comes preparing for Graduation, Open House and then college. In the midst of that, I am also getting the house ready to go on the market. Yep, I may have to add a therapist. A few life changes like this can put a forty something woman over the edge. (Prepare for the inevitable But).
But I have a supportive family, a kid that   will love me no matter what, friends who know I’m crazy, a boyfriend who hasn’t run away screaming (yet) and there is good wine, good food and maybe a couple of weekends in Nashville to look forward to. Yes, that was a big But.
But I like big Buts and I cannot lie.
(This posts was a little too serious and yes, my brain rebelled with a Sir Mix a lot reference ).
I did have a few recent travels to discuss but this is what came out today.  Will get to those soon. Promise. Love you. Mean it.


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