Back to basics

This blog started as a way to record where I have been, what I ate or drank and to find ways to not go insane missing my family.  While my new job has me traveling less and home more – I have easily neglected the fun part of my travels. I apologize and will make amends…
Recent finds in Fort Wayne IN:
Black Dog Pub- local, comfy and good local brews on tap. Good ribs, amazing sauce.
Chops, Steaks and Seafood -a little fancy but the Walleye Fingers with sweet chili sauce paired well with a Blonde Lager from Mad Anthony brewery.
Recent finds in South Bend IN:
Evil Czech Brewery – great menu made it difficult to decide. Never got past the parmesan truffle fries and a flight of local brews with some great names. Impressive, even bought a tshirt.
Doc Pierce’s Restaurant  – old school classic menu and hospitality. Great steak, no sauce needed, cooked a perfect medium. Decor was all dark wood, stained glass and great atmosphere. Bartender even suggested a unique next stop- Treehouse ShineBar, where you can taste flavored sugar shine – a version of moonshine. Which I did in moderation, because the flavors are so mild and sweet – but the alcohol level is high. You sip small amounts and drink water. Flavors I sipped a small amount of: key lime, root beer, communion wine, cotton candy, peach cobbler and salty dog. The owner is friendly and is helpful in navigating the experience so you don’t overdo it. She also offers smoked whiskey – I’m not a smoker at all but this was something to try. You inhale the smoke, not the whiskey through a small straw


and the taste is amazing. The decor of this place is also unique, truly a different experience. 
And isn’t this why we travel?


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