Writers block and other fun

Yes, my nemesis still rages on. I could list many reasons for it but why bore you. Wait, you can always turn away – and after all – this blog is for me.
So I did live thru my daughters high school graduation, hosting her Open house,  getting my house ready to go on the market and still kept my job. And my sanity. And my boyfriend. Miracles do exist.
But as I always do – I have a list of new challenges to face. I decided to jump in and am house hunting with said boyfriend.  And “downsizing” from a 3 bedroom house turned into a wish list for a new or old 5 bedroom house to accommodate our Brady bunch of his 3 kids and my soon to be college student.
Who has commitment issues now??? Okay – still me.
There is always a fear but we either eat that fear for breakfast and make it our bitch – or allow it to swallow us.
I have also decided the same of my new job – and am open to the fact that it is a great sign that it challenges me daily.
And it doesn’t hurt that I had some great meals last week with my new work peers. There is something about a great meal shared that gels partnerships. Credits go to the scallops at Stone Creek Dining Company in Zionsville and a red wine I cannot pronounce. And hangar steak at the Skyline Club in downtown Indy. And another red wine that I cannot afford or pronounce with a great view of the city. Sometimes your view just needs a location change. And red wine. Stay thirsty my friends

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