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Those of us in the service industry (and let’s face it, most of us are ) have or are supposed to have a shut off switch when it comes to our personal lives. You come to work, you turn off what is happening at home, right?
But I have noticed a switch, some will say it is good and some say it is bad. I say, it depends on the day. For those of us that travel, work from home and have offices we visit – there is no off switch. Social media (and a lot of brands) dictate that we offer instant gratification to anyone with an issue. Our time clock is 24 hours in hotels – issues can happen anytime. A general manager 15 years ago is far different from today. Your entire career seems based on how quick you answer your phone or an email alert. Even in Sales, weekends are a thing of the past. Your response time is critical for every group, event or question.
In some ways – it is “the early bird gets the worm”. And I get that. Totally.
But how many “oops” can be avoided with more time and thought?
Ask a Agm or GM who has worked 60+ hours in a week, and think about when they were at their best? Now think about the last two hours of that week. Over tired, stressed and just wanting to see their family. And your complaint just rolls into their inbox…
Hospitality is two sided, even the best have their off moments. Whether the guest or the host, I find it necessary to ask myself “have I walked in the other person’s shoes”?
Kindness is best from both perspectives 🙂

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