Hell bent on perfection

What is it like to rarely mess up and be mostly pristine? I wouldn’t know. I charge forward sometimes even  knowing there is a 50 / 50 chance my next idea, relationship, job may not be what others consider successful. And I love that, being the risk taker and doing things others think are foolish. I will likely never be rich in financial terms but I will know I lived fully.
I have observed others who have made very calculated decisions in their careers and you could say they made all the right ones. They seem to live well, and spend well. But is there joy in what they do.
Hospitality is a risk, you put yourself out there and maybe fail a lot in your efforts.  But do you? With social media and the fear of  a bad survey – even hotels that are not upper scale are critiqued like they are. Your inability to mind read or know exactly what a guest expects is under the microscope every day.
So are you more successful because you are never wrong? (Impossible, by the way) Or is success about coming in to work the next day after you have “failed” the day before. I think you know what I choose. My best successes have happened after some big failures. And what a rush the whole ride is.

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