Signs of fall

Moving my daughter into her dorm room at college. Driving 8 hours to visit a friend in the hospital. Continuing to improve my home while hoping open houses and some showings will find a buyer for it. Most of my year has been preparing and getting thru some big changes like a new job and helping the boyfriend with his kids.
I keep thinking at some point – I will have a vacation on a beach, I will start writing again, I will relax enough to let the creative juices flow.

And I will.
But I do have to remember why I started all this – to cope with being away from home and record the places I have been. I am home more now and enjoy cooking and the preparation of meals as much as I enjoyed being served.
I have more nights of red wine and pan searing amazing steaks cooked to a perfect medium. Puts a lot of those restaurants I visited to shame.
Not because I compare my culinary skills to those chefs but because I got to derive the satisfaction of doing it in my kitchen around people I love.

Hospitality is the same way – when you get to work with a team of people that you love – the experience is richer. For you and the guests you serve.

I leave you with a travel tip. Visit Uranus, Missouri. I was driving to Springfield MO, and this small town was on the way. Small quirky town with large billboards announcing “the best fudge is from Uranus.” When I stopped crying from laughing so hard,  I did visit. And bought souvenirs from Uranus. And salt water taffy. No fudge.

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