Perception versus reality

It amazes me how people assess other people when it comes to their abilities. What I really mean is – there are two kinds of people that you can let guide or influence your career path. Some base it solely on your resume and what you have done on paper. Others look for what a person can be based on how much they have stretched themselves to do more. Our real resumes aren’t on paper, they are the experiences that grow us.
When , if you hire someone – be careful not to only hire them because of where they have been. I like to think about where they can go and what they can do. If you can look at someone and see more than a piece of paper, you might just find your next star. Are you someone who helps develop people into the best or is that too hard?
I always try to remember – where I came from and who has given me the chances to shine and grow. I never regret those chances and I like to think my mentors feel the same way.

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