Taking a break from reality


My late 30’s is when I rediscovered my love of dressing up for Halloween. One of my close friends always had, and spent a lot of time figuring out and making the perfect costume. As kids, we never bought costumes  – just had to be creative.
So a few years ago in the midst of a divorce, the break from reality came in the form of a costume contest at work. I chose a nun costume, which brought great laughs from others and allowed me to laugh at myself. I kept it going, from Pebbles Flintstone to a college cheerleader to Chrissy Snow from 3’s Company. Each year I look forward to this temporary break from who I am. This year I was bad Sandy from Grease and the boyfriend – Danny Zuko of course. A great leather jacket and red heels from Goodwill store complemented what I already had in my closet for 16 bucks. We laughed as we got ready (mostly due to his wig) and recited lines from the movie. And we were off to a party where we looked at others in costume and enjoyed being someone else for awhile.
In our day to day lives in Hospitality – I think we all have moments where we think someone else has the better life or job or whatever. After all – Facebook tells us that every day – someone has it better than you. It’s harder to be grateful when you seem to be bombarded with what you don’t have.
Vacation pictures do that to me. I think it’s me that should be on that beach, not them. But I remember that I post happy moments too, and maybe someone looks at those and thinks that should be them. So maybe not the moments where a conference call goes bad, or I am trying to get my dog to take a pill or I talk back to an email where no one really hears me.
On Halloween I was Sandy, he was Danny and every day life was a little farther away.

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