Hospitality is art

So 2015 was big for changes and more than once I questioned my move to accept a new job opportunity. That move has challenged and motivated me more than expected. In a regional sales role for a large extended stay hotel brand – you have to be a “big picture” thinker. Supporting 19 hotels in sales means planning, relying on others at times to carry out those plans and spreading myself too thin most of the time. It means every day getting better at time management, deciding which fires to put out, while making plans to avoid those fires in the future.
I have had highs and lows, but am seeing some results of staying on point
and trusting that my efforts and those I support will turn into consistent gains.

It meant during the lows, taking some direction, voicing frustration and remembering I am part of a large team that I can draw ideas from. That is my biggest hurdle, reaching out to take someone’s advice and asking what else can I do. It meant meetings and trainings and conference calls where I thought I should be doing something else. I’ve never taken so long to adjust to a new role in Hospitality, but I realize that means something. A commitment to sticking with something that wasn’t so easy for me. Now I realize where my restlessness and boredom before often meant a job change – I need a constant challenge and 9 months in, I seem to have found it. When you have a baby, the 9 months in your belly is just “prep time” for the big show. The 18 years that follow is your real test. So if I think about it like that, I can accept my “slower ramp up” time. Hospitality is an art form and takes time, and different experiences. You are never really done – and what a relief that is.

Speaking of art- once a year, during the holiday season – I try to get away for a night with my daughter to experience Hospitality in our own city. It’s a time to spoil ourselves, be a guest and remember to appreciate a room I didn’t clean and have a meal I didn’t make.


We stayed this time at The Alexander in downtown Indianapolis. Art was everywhere, in the architecture,  lobby, hallways and in the food and drink. On a rainy Sunday, we walked to shopping,dining and movies – but also enjoyed the amenities of The Alexander. There is a small art gallery inside as well as 3 or 4 dining choices that all looked amazing.



Me, taking a picture of my daughter taking a picture.


My favorite work of art 🙂


Dessert at Plat 99

We had a terrific time, staff was amazing, room was gorgeous,clean and perfect to relax in after a night on the town. We try to pick a different place each year, but we both agreed- we could get used to The Alexander. It was nice to remember how to be a guest.
May your 2016 be full of hospitable experiences, new travels and eye opening art!

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