Is it really lonely at the top?

Top of what? In Hospitality, you are likely to work for a few or even several companies. Much like any other career, one success doesn’t mean you are done. I feel the pressure every day to do something bigger, better and new in my career.  It doesn’t always happen, but my feeling comfortable in my role is fleeting.
Being at the top doesn’t matter unless you know how you got there, and how to stay there. Even more, when you fall – how to get back up there. This week was hectic, flying to my company’s headquarters and participating in quarterly business review prep. Great experience – as it led me to think about what has happened over the last nine months in my region. What worked, what didn’t and more importantly – who on our team is ready to Reach for more success. We can always do better, but do we have plans in place for how? I think we do, what I know is – even one person not being ready can affect those plans.
I used to think early in my career – that if we take care of our guests, we will be successful. But it is really more than that, as things like managing revenue, social media, staffing and development – is a part of how we gage success.  Hitting budget isn’t enough- do you have the right business in your hotel, at the right rate and are you taking care of it. Is there another hotel that will do it better than you?
So I go back home with a new set of goals and ideas, but even more – the concern of who is not ready and can I help that?

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