The perfect joy in work partnerships

My home office is a little too quiet and when everyone is off to work or school and I usually need some background noise. My routine is to change the TV to the CMT channel and enjoy country music on low volume.  Keeps my blood pressure lower on high stress days and my demeanor on the phone more friendly. I am rarely distracted by it enough to look at the screen. Well, unless Brett Eldredge is on, or Eric Church, or… okay, you get it.
My point is – where was I? Ahhh, yes – partnerships. Today CMT had the George Strait special on- The Cowboy Rides Away. Added bonus for me as I have loved him since 7th grade. I did really well just having it as background noise until- Run. Undeniably one of my top favorite songs. And it was a duet on the special with Miranda Lambert. Another favorite. I walked away from my phone, and laptop and watched. Had to. Drawn to it.
A perfect example of the sheer joy of a great work partnership. Miranda ‘ s face looked like this was a moment she had been waiting for and truly enjoyed every minute . Wow.
So maybe I have not been onstage in front of thousands, but I am lucky to say that I have had some amazing moments with colleagues where something we worked together on – meant accomplishing goals greater than we imagined. The big sense of relief, satisfaction and joy at having won…
I may not be wealthy in the world’s definition of what wealth is but Hospitality has provided me many experiences that I am undoubtedly richer for having. If you were someone I have had one with, I know who you are and thank you.
I am not done with great partnerships, but I think we have to stop now and then to express gratitude.
( imagine I am on stage, and drop the mic)

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