Another kind of travel

My traveling has slowed down and as a result – so has my writing.  My region of hotels is performing well so far for first quarter, and our company has some good guidelines for what requires travel. I am so lucky to be able to make the decision in my role. While email, phone and go to meetings don’t replace face to face contact – let’s face it, the time in the car can be considered wasted time. And our clients can prefers phone meetings as well. I still call on new or prospective clients in my immediate area – but the idea of cold calls is less desirable on both sides and so working smarter is required. This is a good thing,  as my other need for travel has increased. To be honest, I need the ability to time travel. It is really hard to work, shop for a home, be there for sick relatives, still try to be there for my kid at college, grocery shop , make dinner and stay sane. The boyfriend and I have sold his home and thought we found the perfect home for our Brady bunch. Financing was going well, inspection went well and then the appraisal. .. was way off. Deal over, done. Time to home shop again and our deadline to be out of his home is hanging over our heads. Balancing to find something as good as what we thought we had, but in a shorter time and to not feel rushed was a big concern. We spent so much time on the first home we choose, really taking the time to consider his kids, my daughter and the kind of home life we want to have.
I always remember how lucky we are, and that sometimes last minute changes to our life has resulted in some of our greatest joy. We ended up finding a home this week and so far, it looks good. In a lot of ways , even better than the first choice we were hoping for. So – we hope we are traveling to  a smooth inspection and appraisal and move by the end of the month.
I even bought a “new to me” dresser with the Eiffel Tower painted on front, it was not a planned purchase but seemed meant to be. To commemorate this travel, this

leap of faith. Sometimes

what we plan to happen is not what is going to happen and our ability to adjust leads us down another road, which can be better. My new dresser, picture attached, agrees.


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