Chicago, Nashville and New Home

Hellloooooo. It’s been awhile,  and I am recovering from a constant state of go here, pick up this, unpack this box, oh yeah and work too. But we are enjoying our new home in Pendleton IN and the result is a lower blood pressure and more relaxed way of life.
Closing dates changed, move dates changed and days after moving- I had a business trip to Chicago for a National meeting with my company. We also tried to coordinate a fun weekend in Nashville TN right after that to correspond with most of our kids being on spring break. We probably tried to schedule too much I realized as I gave the Sears store a very small window to deliver  our new washer and dryer.
I think I am still allowed to shop there, lol.
My daughter came home from college the first weekend after we moved in and brought 3 friends home. In the spirit of hospitality, I was excited to have our kitchen in good enough shape to cook for them. And take them on tours of our new hometown which felt really good. As someone who relies on the hospitality field for my income, I often think of how similar my home and work life are which is why it is so hard to draw the line of when the work day is over. I hope I do get better at this as we settle in to our new home. My daughter coming home for the summer will help that, getting her room ready helps me mentally prepare for the more relaxed person I want to be.
It makes me think of future “retirement” goals where a bed and breakfast of our own design and ownership is hopefully not as far off as it seems. Which brings me back to thinking of the associates I work with and what their goals may be. In sales , we are supposed to be less about the staff and more about the clients. Our operations partners are more focused on staffing and building needs. I always strive to merge the two as I have never been great at keeping to my side of the fence. I say take down the fence. In operating a hotel, sales must understand the environment of the hotel to make a “match” for the clients or guests. Operations must understand enough of the sales effort to know how steady revenue can affect their day to day needs. It should and can be a beautiful relationship. Let’s hug it out, eh?


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