Dreams that don’t come true


I am a professional, workaholic,  some would say an insensitive type person. But Prince and his music touched my innermost core of feeling. As my daughter would say, he gave me “the feels”. Any day or experience that I could not put into words, Prince had a song for. Whatever hurt I closed anyone off to, I couldn’t hide if I heard him. The few times I saw him in concert were truly the most wonderfully anticipated experiences where I waited to be amazed and was never let down. I am the whitest woman you will ever meet, but when Prince was heard – I had soul, rhythm, musicality. Well, at least I thought I did.
A few years ago, I had a task force assignment in Minneapolis and was excited to be that close. I day dreamed about finding Paisley Park, being invited inside, and obviously Prince and I would be instant best friends. A more realistic dream would be me being arrested for stalking,lol.
I don’t cry. Hardly ever. But I did yesterday, a lot. I cried for loss of future music, for the fact that I never got
to take my daughter to see him in concert. We have been to concerts, good ones, but had I known what would happen to him – I would have taken her. I am in mourning and lord help the person who makes the first insensitive comment about him. Past husband’s and boyfriends could tease about my chosen obsession with Prince but somehow yesterday Bill knew not to gloss over the fact that I was hurting and this is a real loss. He may not have known that this would have the affect it did, but my response was – I never thought it would happen. You expect some losses, and others just come out of nowhere. My favorite songs were some of the older, less known ones. As I listened to them, there was a real sadness to know I would never hear them live again. And a real appreciation that I did, once or twice.


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