If I was asked to talk about hospitality on a big stage…

I have given a lot of advice over the years regarding how to move up in the hospitality field. This is not necessarily because I’m an expert and doing all the right things. It is because I have tried some things and failed and I have tried some things and been successful. I have taken risks, and sometimes it’s worked. The key is fear and how much you have and how much it has you. I have talked with students working towards a degree in hospitality before, not because I have a degree-  I don’t but because I and others like me are competing with them for the same jobs. I have a daughter who is in college and she is learning fast that  just because she’s in college doesn’t mean that she can have the summer job of her choice. It means taking what somebody offers you and fighting really hard to get the opportunity. I told her to research the company she’s going to interview with and be prepared to ask questions about the company based on what she’s learned so far. When I interview people for a job I want to know that there they have enough passion to do what it entails and not just doing it for the money.Hospitality can never be about the money. Truth be told there is no amount of money that can cover the amount of talent that there is now in the hospitality field. So think about who you’re up against in the job place for that promotion or just to get that interview.  Are you putting forth the impression that you are someone they want to have on their team? In your current role do you say things like- I don’t make enough money to do that or that’s above my pay grade. If you do you are someone I would never want to promote. The truth is every time I’ve gotten a promotion it is because I’ve worked so hard that I’m already doing the job that I want. Working above your current pay rate is never going to harm you. Think beyond the paycheck you get now.
Another point I always make is that a hotel staff should be like a family, close enough to tell each other when we can step it up. And there should be a structure in place much like a family. The mom and the dad is the GM and the AGM. Those two are Partners in running the hotel. Have you ever worked for a GM and AGM that don’t get along? I  al ways tell  a GM and a AGM when they  don’t get along that they are managing a separation and a divorce. The kids are the staff and the only side they’re on is whoever they can get the most out of at the moment. They will flip sides for an ice cream cone. The only way to avoid that as for the GM and the AGM to work together as a solid team. Most divorces truthfully come from a mom and dad  who partner with the kids and not their partner. Your partner is your spouse, they are who you take care of first and foremost. If you find yourself siding more with the kids ask yourself – what is it doing to your spouse? In a hotel I have seen many times where the general manager thinks all the staff loves them and is on their side. And the AGM thinks the same way – that everybody hates the GM and loves the AGM. The truth is the staff is waiting to see who gets fired, and the really aggressive staff wants to see how they can get promoted by this becoming a big mess. And never works well for anyone the only one that wins is the divorce lawyers. And in the hotel that’s your competition. They are waiting for the Bloodshed to start, and your guests to head their way.
Trust me,  there are always people that you may work with and it seems like they are from a different planet. But let’s face it, we all can have family members like that too. We grow through those experiences as it should help us with our guests.
I still struggle with that at times, but in the end – it is how I deal with it. Just like fear, does it have me or do I have it?
Rant over 🙂


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