Vacation – means no work?

I have a bad habit of not using vacation earned time while I am with a company, only getting paid out for it after I leave. Not always my fault as I have experienced scheduling time off , then being denied it as I was “needed”. But I was determined this year to take not just one vacation week but two weeks this summer. And congratulations are in order as I am finishing up a great stay in a relaxing cabin in Gatlinburg TN.
Yes, I did check email, respond to a few phone calls but for the most part kept my vacation time “pure”. I slept in, relaxed poolside with a good book and plenty of sunblock. I sampled moonshine and whiskey in downtown Gatlinburg. Much to my boyfriend and his kids delight, relaxed a lot of my ocd like cleaning tendencies- and beds went unmade most of the week. We ordered or went out for dinner each night. I relaxed and know I am capable of it.
It was much like vacationing with my parents growing up, they were on vacation too. It was clear, they would stock the fridge – don’t say you are hungry or bored. When they take you to dinner or a movie, don’t ask questions and just enjoy the treat.
Enjoy what is there,  or really what is not there. The every day stresses of home. That is why vacationing at home doesn’t work, you can’t leave it all behind when it is still there.
In hospitality, we encounter folks on vacation all the time. It can really become annoying if you don’t take the time to “recharge” and take vacation time as well. You are much better at taking great care of others when you take care of yourself too.
No hotels have crumbled to the ground because a manager took a vacation. If your company refuses you time you have earned off, ask them what good is earned time off if you can’t use it. Most companies are good about it, but there can still be a resistance due to staffing issues, or the fact that you are “needed”.
Be prepared to fight for what you need, rest and time with family. No amount of money replaces that.

A reformed workaholic from a cabin in the smokies



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