A tale of 2 trips

Fresh off the 4th of July holidays, I was packing for a quick one night business trip to ArlingtonVA. My new boss would be there and it was a chance to see some of my colleagues that I don’t see much of. Also – my old boss would be there and we could thank her and congratulate her on her new position. A very full day happened as soon as flight ended, drive to the Westin Gateway for meetings, lunch, more meetings and dinner. Menu follows. 

Then we all headed to one of our brand hotels to get some sleep as most of us had early flights home. I love that area, and sightseeing from a car window does not do it justice.

My next trip was greatly anticipated as it was the first alone vacation Bill and I had planned for just us. We flew into Ft Lauderdale and drove our rental car to the Deerfield beach area. A quick checkin at the hotel and we were off to dip our toes in the sand. A cold beer at a beachside bar and grill soon followed. There is nothing more relaxing than breathing the salty ocean air and watching the waves crash into the beach.

We promised to truly relax and not plan ahead. We slept in, headed to the beach, found a great dive bar to take a break in and get dinner recommendations.We tried not to let work and real life creep in but that did prove a little difficult. We did realize that dealing with stress is a little more reasonable on a beach. We shopped online for homes near the beach, dreamed of new opportunities and agreed to keep our minds open about future endeavors together.

And we had lobster, shrimp, scallops and crab cakes. We explored the coast of Boca Raton, and gaped at the multi million dollar real estate. We jumped waves in the ocean with small concern about jellyfish, sea lice and sharks. And after 3.5 days, we packed to fly home. 

Back to home renovations, school supply shopping, grocery shopping and yes, work. After vacation depression is totally normal and so is planning the next one.

Much thanks to Deerfield Beach, Jake’s Rattlesnake bar, The Whales Rib, Two Georges at the Cove, The Tipperary, Firewater pub, and Cap’s Place Island Restaurant. 

Bigger thanks to Bill for a wonderful first of many “just us” vacations. 


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