Hotel Vandivort, inspired in Springfield MO

Last weekend I drove from Indy to Springfield MO to visit one of my closest friends and writing partner, Jokima. Naturally I was excited about the weekend and to focus on writing again, but I had no idea how I would be so inspired. 

Friday night was catch up night, some wine and tacos provided by Aunt Evelyn. We plotted and planned for a hotel site visit, and for our writing session. We reminisced about managing a hotel together and how we managed to live thru it. 

Our first stop Saturday morning was The Order, for brunch. It was in the front lobby of Hotel Vandivort, where our site visit was scheduled. Menu – Off the Hook! – as one of my favorite Food Network homies would say. Drool worthy pics below. Our server acknowledged our talent in ordering, stating that is how all people should order brunch. Irish coffee, mimosas, pork belly corn dogs, drunken french toast, pancakes and bacon wrapped up together, the breakfast charcuterie board, sweet potato hash browns. I could go on, there were 3 of us, and we took our time to finish the best breakfast / brunch I have ever had. You must go. Now.

Eventually, we finished and decided we would check out the bathrooms. I will be bold and say, Hotel Vandivort has the best bathrooms for selfies. Seriously, best lighting ever. I stayed way too long in there,lol. We found out later on our tour, that it is a selfie location for celebrities as well. I will resist posting the numerous selfies only because too many to choose from.

Next, we had a tour by one of Jokima’s students from the University. The decor of the lobby and gathering areas was gorgeous, a little rustic, very classy, artistic and warm. Yes, pics below. The suites were just as impressive. This was not just a hotel you want to stay at, you would want to live there. 

I am planning a return trip asap, and staying there tops the list. I think our next novel will be inspired by it, eh Jokima?

We did eventually leave, and got some writing done but tip of the iceberg. There is so much about hospitality to discuss, it is an evolving animal. New trends, old practices- how to merge them and not have technology replace what we do. Welcome and take care of guests. Offer a new experience. Thank you Hotel Vandivort, we will be back. 


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