Moving? Visiting? Research.

Writing has been difficult, so many moving pieces to every day life. Have traveled to Dayton for a meeting with a colleague, another day trip to Nashville IN to visit with my 92 years young Nana and a long weekend in Nashville TN after pondering a big move. But did we go anywhere?

No, when you put everything together, it didn’t make sense. 2 potential job changes, a 5 hr commute to our college student and more family, a 3rd school change in 3 yrs for our 3 pre-teens and selling our home that we love in our new community that we love. There were a lot of positives too, but we know some things can wait.

Every exciting career opportunity has each of us in a tug of war. Leave what we know for a “maybe this will work” switch. I have always tried to follow this advice and tell others- ask yourself: is the new opportunity just about money? Is it about growing your skills? Is it going to challenge you? Is it a step up or is it a lateral move? Does it work for your family? Will you work less or more? How many changes to your life and family does this mean and are they good changes? What if it is not what it seems?

I know, a lot of questions, and that was just the start. If it is just you to consider – I would always say Jump In! See what happens- move, travel, gain experience, fail and get up again. But reality is that a lot of us have someone else to consider- and at the end of the day, who you come home to Matters. In all career decisions. 

Whoa. That was heavy. This is making me thirsty way too early in the morning (bill). 

So, our long weekend in Nashville TN was more stress relief and less research. And we were okay with that. We came away with a feeling of – Not Now. Maybe Later.

We went to some new areas of Nashville, had hot Nashville chicken, found some new dives, took naps, and still hit busy downtown Broadway. We Ubered, and took a golf cart ride on steroids to downtown. We may have even been extras in a music video. And we will go back, maybe for a weekend, maybe more.

When is not determined, enjoying the now.


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