NoAction plans

When you have been in the hotel business a long time, there are words or phrases you get use to hearing. Marketing plans, sales plans, plans by account, and Action plans. And every hotel management or ownership company has their own way of approaching this, but every single one will tell you – the plans need to have measurable results. What did you do, what was the short term result, long term result and always ROI – return on investment.

We all need this. Especially dreamers. I am a dreamer, but I do fully intend to accomplish those dreams which makes them goals. The toughest part is keeping ourselves accountable to those goals. Yes, winning the lottery would makes this easier – or would it? if something came to you so easily, do you value it as much? 

This blog helps keep me accountable in a way. It reminds me of where I have been, what I learned and yes, my goals. 

I will, with my writing partner , finish our 2nd book. When? By end of 2016. 

I will, complete the grant request, for a project that addresses the realistic side of travel and hotels for the physically challenged. When? By end of 2016. 

I will be a co-owner of a bed & breakfast. When? For my retirement, hopefully early. 

See, that last one? Timing is flexible, the goal is not. It has some work to do. I am reminded this week that none of us knows how much time we have to complete our goals. A friend of mine from high school lost his wife to cancer last week. I am sure she had more she wanted to do – herself, as a couple and as a family. So our day to day life can’t be ruled by these goals either, because the little things are important too. No wonder we are in a constant tug of war to enjoy what we have and work towards that “more”. 


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