Finally, a moment to reflect

March was a month of traveling, changes and yes, wedded bliss! I know, I have explained in my blog before why marriage (again) would be and has been difficult to master (for me). But I jumped in anyway, because there is no reward without risk. No bliss without belonging.

And so we did. Somehow between my work trips to Dayton and Louisville, his work trip to San Francisco – we scheduled a trip that was about us. We let the wonderful staff at The Historic DuPont Mansion Bed and Breakfast plan the details of our ceremony and we just enjoyed ourselves for the weekend. Just the two of us. 

We were reminded of why we are in hospitality, and why it just “clicks” for us. I am grateful for someone who shares my passion for hotels, fun and travel. 

2016 was a great year for me professionally, and the only reason to celebrate that – is because I have “people”. And I need to take care of my people because they enable me to succeed. I hope I also help others to succeed. 

There are more goals to accomplish and more places to explore. But who you have beside you determines everything.

A few more pics to share of that amazing B&B…


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